You can’t sell a home, or a car if you don’t know what it’s worth right? We apply that same process to the stuff inside the house and… viola! We have completed the equation!                                                                                  Staging + Appraisal = Higher sale price.

DSC_1027sellprep.com is a combination of treasure hunting and value creation; it’s the best of both worlds combining the fun of bargain hunting and the art of reselling into one package. Our purpose is to help folks make the most of what they already have by hosting their own professional estate style sales at home. Our process is an upgrade, it is estate sale level garage selling. Why not value your things as the source and investment of wealth that they truly are?







Fresh Perspective!


Sellprep is the answer.

All of our services are designed to save you time and money. Our packages are reasonably priced and the investment usually pays for itself within the first week. The idea is to contact us before it’s too late and have us be your personal assistant in the sale.

Even in the case of last minute relocations we can provide consignment selling for any items that are just too valuable to give away. With consignment options you know your stuff is safe and the sale will be handled professionally. The best thing about our consignment service is you don’t take anything out of pocket. We provide pick up and storage of the item and only take a commission when it is sold. This plan requires no effort on your part. You can put your energy elsewhere and be confident that that money is on the way! This should give you the piece of mind to focus on your new transition. Whether your relocating or are handling all the concerns of a relatives estate let us take the pressure out of the process.